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How to Heal Using EFT Meridian Tapping

Your physical body is constantly responding to your thoughts and emotions. Using MindBody tools like EFT Meridian Tapping is a great way to neutralize thoughts and emotions, so they are no longer triggers that block your system. 

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about healing using EFT Meridian Tapping to resolve unconscious stuck emotions that can keep you in illness and limitation. With EFT Tapping, you give new information to the brain and neutralize the terrorizing belief systems that create inflammatory patterns and block health.

EFT assists you in releasing fear so you can have awareness of what’s going on in your body and respond instead of react!

During Tapping, things may intensify. Energies are being released that were previously repressed. You may think you are making it “worse”, but you are simply allowing the energy to move. The energy has to come up before it can move out. Continue to tap and move through. Tell yourself, “I love and accept myself fully and I am willing to let the energy move through.”

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After watching this video, here’s my question for you:

  1. What do you become aware of when you check into your body?
  2. How do you feel after doing the Tapping in this session?
  3. Are you aware of what was suppressed, that you can allow to come to the surface and release AND are you ready to allow this to release?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. I love and appreciate you so much,Dr. Kim

  2. The part of the EFT that you talked about stopping, slowing down and the fear that surrounds that really resonated for me. That fear of everything falling apart if I don’t keep pushing and keep it together is a big piece for sure!

    • EFT is such an amazing tool, Chris. Keep tapping on the fear that is coming up for you and you will see it start to dissolve.

  3. I just love you Kim! Sending a ton of love n light from Canada 🇨🇦


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