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Harmonizing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies in our bodies. We are healthy when these are balanced. We experience turmoil and sometimes profound loss and pain when they are not. If you’ve experienced lack (in money, energy, love) or experienced symptoms of depletion, PMS, mood swings or chronic illness, there is likely a lack of harmony in your masculine and feminine energies. It may feel like you either have to push harder and work more, or give up and succumb. Neither creates what you truly want.

Join me for this week’s MindBody TV episode to release patterns of pushing harder and patterns of suppression that block receiving, so you open to the true potential that lies within your masculine strength and feminine cycles!!

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Are you experiencing lack (in money, energy, or love) or symptoms of depletion, PMS, mood swings or chronic illness? If you are, there is likely an imbalance in your masculine and feminine energies. Both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies in our bodies. We are healthy when these are balanced. Often, were taught to be in our masculine (doing, achieving, improving, accomplishing) and suppress our feminine (feeling, sensing, connecting) as if it has no value.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about releasing patterns of suppression so you can harmonize your masculine and feminine energies.

Sexual energies have been universally suppressed. A lot of people feel it’s unsafe to connect with their sexual energy, thinking they are inviting unwanted sexual experiences. The truth is, you can be connected with your sensuality and sexuality and just energize your body. It can be scary to let the energy flow, but it’s what creates more health, abundance, joy, fluidity, and more of the things that make you fully alive.

The feminine energy is receptive. It is the inner, the unseen, and the unknown. The masculine energy, on the other hand, is steady. It is the outer, the seen, the doing, and the willingness to be strong.

Here is a powerful practice to harmonize the energies within you.

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Bring in the crystalline white light through your body – a metaphor to allow the body to resonate at a higher frequency. Let it come in through your head, down through your neck, your shoulders, your heart, your core, your pelvis, your hips, your legs, and your feet. Breathe in and relax. Sit in that for a minute. See what magic is available to you by taking a moment and letting this light in.

Clear all the energy around you and let your inner divine feminine essence receive love and compassion. Allow it to rebalance her cyclic nature. It’s okay for you to be a cyclic ever-changing being. Celebrate your creative nature. You are divine. It’s okay for you to be all of who you are exactly as you are, whatever they may be, known and unknown.

Now, bring the light through the space of your inner masculine. See it exactly as he is. Let all areas where you’ve judged yourself or felt inadequate fall away. Your inner masculine is about strength in all the ways that are important to you – physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Being in true strength is about love, compassion, and honoring who you really are. Let your masculine aspect be confident in knowing what you know. It’s okay to choose what’s true for you. Let this light come in of trusting your intuition and acting upon it. It’s okay for you to be pure love and have unthinkable strength in who you are.

The last piece is bringing back the aspect of the inner feminine and fuse the two in oneness, in love, and light. Bring your inner masculine and inner feminine back into the space where they reside so there is harmony between them. Take a breath. Notice what you notice. You can practice this again and again.

The feminine is cyclic, while the masculine is steady – just like the sun and the moon. If you judge any of them, it’s going to create a lot of suppression. The body cannot heal when it is not in harmony. So release the ideas you have about yourself and your sexual energies so that there is a free flow of energy throughout your body.


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