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Free From Fear: How to Exit the Matrix

The mind does not know the difference between the real and the imagined. It will literally realize whatever we believe through our own inner messaging systems that signal our five senses. When we’re raised in a society that teaches us that outer authorities have the power, shows us that our value is conditioned on achievement, and disconnects us from our true nature, how could we not live in perpetual fear?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV, where I shared the Truth that lives in you, how to access it for real Power, and how to be forever Free from the illusory matrix that has surrounded us.


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  1. Minnesota

  2. Hello from Wales UK and thank you 🙂 Amazing you mention snakes.. my question is and what if it IS a snake? For me, I am repeatedly experiencing aggressive dogs… a few days ago I was almost attacked… I did not run away, I did not confront , i stayed still and instinctively dropped my energy into the ground… dog moved on. But .. this keeps happening.. I sense it is connected to violence /terror from my childhood but .. almost every time i go out I am now experiencing a dog… and feel more fear.. they sense it… and I am now scared to go out incase I actually get attacked as I cannot just turn off my terror. I was killed in a previous life by dogs so this is a bleed through and was attacked by two bull terriers about 20 years ago…I don’t feel fear of all dogs at all.. I can sense the sweet one’s but some of them/and owners feel and are threatening. I would LOVE to have your input .. thank you !

    • Hi Jay, thank you for your comment.
      Please feel free to reach out to our support team at and we can help guide you.



  1. Able to Cease Taking part in Small? - Health World Life - […] Free From Concern: The way to Exit the Matrix […]

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