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Finding and Aligning With Your True Path

You may have heard “As within, so without” but how to we rearrange what’s happening within us for the outer expression of health and wealth?

It’s simpler than you may think, but definitely takes releasing distractions where the outer world or your own feelings dictate what’s true for you.

Join me in this episode of MindBody TV to practice how to ALIGN within to receive abundant vitality, joy, and resource without!



At this time when things are speeding up, it’s becoming even more important to be in alignment. If you’re moving fast in a car and your alignment is off, it’s going to mess things up a lot.

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about aligning with your true path by rearranging what’s happening within you for the outer expression of health and wealth.

 Finding and aligning with your true path is the most important thing you can focus on. You are the biggest recipient of everything that is going on in your life and of every choice you make. You can only be a contribution to others when you are lit up in your vitality and fulfillment. Before you can be of value to anyone, you have to honor and cherish yourself.

The inner alignment is very easy to find. However, it takes releasing distractions where the outer world or your feelings dictate what’s true for you. Instead of focusing on everything outside of you and trying things to be what you want them to be, remember that “As within, so without.”

As fifth-dimensional beings, we have access to higher awareness. For example, there are sensory neurites in our hearts. Tune into your heart more and more instead of tuning in to the mind. The heart is registering the opportunities, possibilities and new things that are available for you. As you become more aware and awakened, you become more sensitive to what is being registered in your heart.

Change is inevitable and it’s speeding up. Get into alignment by embracing the fact that change is assisting and bringing you all of what your heart is desiring, even if it doesn’t look like it. Life is inviting you to know you are powerful enough to live beyond the changes happening in your life.

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