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Failing at Self-Healing?

Sometimes, we get hung up on “trying to heal” our bodies. We think we should be able to just let go and have everything happen spontaneously. We think if we turn to medications or supplements, somehow this is a failure.

Mind Body guidance is about being open to EVERYTHING and receiving EVERYTHING that allows us to live in wholeness. That could mean taking a certain medication or supplement or even having surgery. It is about being in harmony with our highest level of vitality WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!

Often, it is your own judgments and conclusions that are preventing you from having fluidity in your health. If you think you have failed because it’s supposed to be a certain way or you are somehow doing something wrong, this can get in your own way.

Just because you might not be getting the results or experience you want doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. A lot of times when we are going through our healing journey and releasing old energies, physical and emotional symptoms may increase. When this occurs, ask your body, “What would it take to invite this instead of resisting it or making it wrong?”

This isn’t about never having pain or feeling like a 10 out of 10 all the time. This is about awakening to a more abundant life. I invite you to release the idea that things SHOULD be a certain way. Let yourself be in the flow more with what is happening. Connect with your body to receive everything with grace and ease.


P.S. What judgements have been keeping you stuck??!



  1. Great explanation Dr. K

  2. A friend send me this video, and I guess she knows me well.
    I have gone through everything you mentioned, and your comments on the whole issue are just so beautiful and give hope. It will give me the courage to move through things and stop fighting, and instead surrender and just be. Receiving all that is, and more, and being all we can be, that is truly allowing.
    Thank you Dr. Kim

  3. This has been extremely helpful. Thank you! I’d really gotten discouraged because of headaches and fatigue and was ready to give up on the program AND myself. I guess I’m a control freak and it’s a hard habit to release. Thank you, Dr. Kim, for everything you do.


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