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The #1 Missing Nutrient!…it’s not what you THINK!

Are you missing this ESSENTIAL ingredient?

You’ve likely heard that you need a good diet to have good health: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, leafy greens…Maybe you even eat kale in regular intervals. You’ve also been taught you need exercise and have joined a gym. Maybe you even go once in awhile. But the #1 MOST ESSENTIAL ingredient in your life is missing.

That’s “PLEASURE.” This seemingly frivolous, I”ll-get-to-it-later “nutrient” is the most powerful burst of energy, inspiration, and healing, AND the silver of all problems.

You can watch this video if you want to learn why neglecting your pleasure is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself (AND others!) – and how to tap in daily to an explosive dose of this juicy elixir!!!




We all know how much we need a good diet and regular exercise to have good health. But are you missing the ESSENTIAL ingredient that contributes to your life the most?

In this video, Dr. Kim talks about tuning in to your PLEASURE, which is the ONE THING you need no matter what space you are residing in.

What is pleasure? It’s about getting in fluidity with what you are feeling with the energy moving through your body. When you’re not willing to feel the energy, it gets stuck in the body and creates disease and many other illnesses.

Pleasure doesn’t come from simply doing whatever you randomly feel like doing. It comes from deeply connecting with yourself. What is the most important thing to you? What is your deepest heart’s desire? This is not a one-time event, but a moment to moment connection and inner communication with your body. 

This goes beyond any food or supplement or anything you can think of as an escape when you’re in need. You always have access to it because it comes from within you. We have a lot of things we think we need to do to have health and vitality in our bodies. But none of them are anywhere near as powerful as tuning in to your pleasure.

Try the Pleasure Diet for 7 days. Every single day, pick three things you can do just for the sole purpose of feeding and nurturing YOU. It could be taking a nap or going out for a hike. This is the greatest contribution you can do for your body and everything in your life, including the people around you.

Celebrate and love yourself unconditionally. Your electromagnetic shifts immediately and powerfully when you choose to honor yourself. And it has an effect on every cell on every system in your body. Pleasure is the most powerful burst of energy, inspiration, and healing. The source is your pleasure. It’s not the means to an end. It is the end itself.

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