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Are you an EMPATH? You don’t have to be overwhelmed!

I’ve been empathic my whole life, but didn’t know why. There was a lot of suffering that went along with being super sensitive and aware of the energies around me. It took decades before I stopped experiencing it as a victim.

The thing is, for those of us who are super energy-sensitive, we MUST learn how to transmute energy we feel in our body.
“OBSERVE, don’t absorb!” is a great quote I came across recently about this!

When you notice you’re overwhelmed, or feeling heavy, or just feeling STUCK, do this!!!
You’ll begin practicing with moving energy and (especially if you’re an empath!) develop an ESSENTIAL SKILL to navigate life much more smoothly!!

I recently joined some social media groups for empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) and was surprised at what I found.
There are SO many people suffering with this who think this is like a disease they have to protect themselves from.
Yes, it can be very unsettling to “take on” others energy and feel burdened with all you feel, but the point isn’t to make it go away or set up more barriers of protection (which just end up blocking out the love we all deeply need to live!)

We are here as highly sensitive beings to assist the awakening of Humanity. You see, when we as humans don’t have awareness about the energies we’re in, it’s like navigating in the dark.

Those of us who do have that awareness are here to learn to work with it, not overcome it or protect ourselves from it. We don’t need to. When we learn to transmute energy and be in NEUTRALITY with all of what we notice, we allow these lower frequency energies of self-hate, despair/powerlessness, grief and shame to DISSOLVE!!!
That is how powerful we are!

I invite you to learn to harness your superpowers as an energetically-sensitive being instead of hiding from them, so you receive the light and abundance you are really here to live!

Let go of the idea that you have to “protect” from lower energies. Adjust your receptivity and release fear. This realigns your energy field so there is no need for protection. You are stable.

What you resist persists, so let those energies show you what you need to neutralize and transmute, and then you’re FREE!!

You are so much more powerful than you think!

Practice this 3-step process and let me know how it goes!!



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  1. I’m so excited by what you’re saying here. This is a whole other perspective for me as both an empath and an HSP. Empowering!! Here’s what I’d be curious about – what would you recommend in an immediate stimulating situation? So many of us feel we have to avoid busy public places because of our sensitivity… Because it’s so hard to manage the energies that come through there! How could we condense the three steps into something you could do in one minute or less?

    • Dr. Kim is going to make a video on this so stay tuned…

  2. I found this 3-step transformation pretty inspiring. And I’m going to give it a go. Two questions: (1) in the third step am I picturing light coming down into my head and body then moving out to all? And (2) if you are somewhere very public and are feeling this way but can’t excuse yourself to do this process is there an effective shortcut just for those times?

    • Dr. Kim is going to make a video on this so stay tuned…

  3. So powerful Dr. Kim! Thank you for sharing. This was a powerful release and expansion for me. I wrote in my journal, as you described, everything I was feeling and used the process. I feel so much lighter, free, huge emotional burden lifted. I was ready for this and feel excited to use this frequently. XO

  4. I hope I understand this correctly, because I am so grateful for the personal ah-ha moment I just had watching this video…
    Oh- WOW! I AM worthy of The Light no matter what I’m Feeling.
    What I AM Feeling may not even be mine, or even be true, How Wonderful! I’m Free!
    💜 Thank you thank you Thank you!!

    • That’s exactly right. You are the light!


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