How EFT Meridian Tapping Heals Physical and Emotional Pain

Can you really change your life by changing your brain? Your body is constantly sending signals that impact everything around you. Changing these inner signals immediately impacts your physical body and your outer circumstances. You hold the power within you to change these inner signals, change your brain and nervous system, and generate major change in your life!

In this episode of MindBody TV we will look at a powerful tool that immediately ignites changes in your brain, changes in your electromagnetic signals for healing at the deepest levels, and revolutionary change in your life!!

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  1. level 8 – physical pain with adhesive capsulitis, a knee with half a meniscus
    level 8 – have wanted a partner in life to cherish and adore me.

  2. Tears began at would it be safe for me to let it go?
    Feel tingly all over.

  3. main health-related issue is post open heart surgery 3 years ago. 2 valves replaced, one repaired. The aortic was replaced but last echo shows min to moderate regurgitation…the reason it was replaced in the first place. this is very worrisome as i may require another surgery in the future..not a pleasant thought

  4. 1. holding on to a time I was deeply hurt.
    After the tapping: did not notice any difference in my mind but I do feel much more relaxed. Also less pain in my neck.


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