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EFT Tapping for Kids

One of the most difficult things to deal with is seeing your child struggle with anxiety, pain or illness that won’t seem to resolve. The good news is, in the developing brain, MindBody Medicine can work even more quickly to resolve these challenges at the root level.

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I shared how to use Emotional Freedom Technique, a powerful and quick tool, to resolve childhood anxiety and illness naturally. I shared segments kids can use for themselves as well as segments for parents that directly and immediately impact the healing of your child.

Here is a free video from the Tapping World Summit that will share WHY negative thinking is there, HOW to change it, and WHAT to do to continue to accelerate into higher and higher possibilities for health, wealth, and manifestation:

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  1. Feb. 9,2023

    Hi Kim and staff,

    We continue to get so much from your mind, body tools. One area it is helping is back pain and other physical afflictions By letting our bodies relax and wait in the stillness of bodies this is helping to bring up the energies(feelings) that become locked in our bodies.

    Thank you again,

    Bill and Carol

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  2. Thank you so much, Dr. Kim. There were tears related to some pain in my body. There were thoughts that came up about: “I never wanted to live alone, to be alone all my life.” Another thought came – even if it isn’t very powerful, it’s there: “But I am here for you, little Anne-Marie. I’ll always be there for you!” The pain was released somewhat. I know this works, and I took the time to be with you, because doing it on my own, is not half as effective. As, I write, the tears keep coming. I welcome them. Blessings on you! With all my love, Anne-Marie


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