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Powerful EFT Exercise for the New Year

Wow!! I’ve just created an amazing EFT Tapping sequence to release victim consciousness!

If you’ve ever felt like life is happening to you, the idea that “this shouldn’t be happening”, “it’s hopeless”, or “it’s not okay”…

…do this video now!


We are entering into a space of freedom, light, love, ease, joy where it’s not conditional. Where we can access abundance easily. Where we can live in and experience the beautiful beings that we truly are. Where we can heal, have energy, and live in abundance!

There are so many energies clearing out along with this old layer of separation consciousness. Billions of people will be released as you as an individual embody this! You are that powerful.

For those of you who would like to go deeper with this in assisting your system through this transition, I invite you to the Ignite Your Light program!

I will be assisting a group through this work throughout January. We will use the breath to assist the cellular transmutation to embody unity consciousness.

It’s easy, your body already knows what to do.

If you’re interested in joining me for this month-long integration, click here!

Sending you love and light for this amazing new world and new decade!!



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  1. Kim,

    Thank you so much!!! I have been following you for years and this is EXACTLY what I needed, right here, right now! This is exactly what I have been struggling to let go of my whole life. This big ball of stuck victim energy and knowing that I have the potential, the energy, the right, the wisdom to know that I deserve to be who I am and feel good about it. I have been living someone else’s reality my whole life and not living my own. I can love myself and do what I aspire to do.

    I can’t thank you enough! It is so wonderful that you have gotten to this point in your healing journey and sharing it so eloquently. You touched it so precisely. I will continue to use until I have cleared this energy.

    Much Love,



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