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Are you developing a wellness practice?

Dr. Kim D'Eramo

In the past few years, I’ve shifted my entire practice to be online and have been assisting people all over the world.

It’s infinitely more fun for me than working in the Emergency Room and it has created SO much more!

—I’m sharing in a LIVE CALL how I transitioned into this kind of practice and how to integrate MindBody Medicine into your work.—

As I assist client with tapping into Source, they heal easily and rapidly.

People with autoimmune illness, food allergies, chronic pain and fatigue are able to get off medications and supplements and tolerate foods again.

The “magic” of practicing this way is that it’s not I who am doing the healing, it’s the Source within us.

It’s EFFORTLESS for me and my clients.

When I first started practicing, it wasn’t like this.

Because I was not fully aligned with the message I was sharing, I struggled to make things work.

I worked around the clock trying to make things happen.

I believed in my message….but was not tapping into the “magic!”

I simply didn’t know how!

Everyone around me was struggling and efforting their way to growth and wealth, so I followed suit.

One day I realized that running my business felt like pushing a boulder UPHILL.

There was no way this was what I was meant to be doing.

I dumped the whole thing and just stopped.

Yup, I let it all go.

(Many were upset with me, but I just KNEW things did not need to be so difficult!)

After a few months of connecting within, something else emerged.

I began operating from Ease instead of struggle.

I bought-out of all the crap I had learned about “working hard to get ahead,” and bought-into the awareness that as I stayed in Ease and Abundance, more Abundance would automatically flow.

It did.

I’m now working FAR less hours than I did before, am contributing FAR more to humanity, and am receiving FAR more as a reflection of that!

I am holding a LIVE GROUP CALL to share this journey with you and show you how you can align with wellbeing and Abundance to create Ease and flow in your practice.

— HERE are the details to be on the call!—

In this call you will learn to:

  • easily access Source within you to assist your patients (instead of working hard to “help” them)
  • serve as the invitation that brings your patients into alignment with health and wellbeing (instead of working hard at marketing)
  • allow your practice to flourish as a by-product of connecting within (versus working longer and harder)
  • connect with the reason you felt called to a wellness practice and let that resource you daily (so you release burnout)

I will be sharing how to tap into your inner Wisdom for guidance so health and Abundance are effortless!

REGISTER HERE for the LIVE CALL on how to “Be the Medicine”

I am VERY excited to share this with you!!



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