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Design Your Life

Imagine if you could design exactly the kind of life you want….

  • the kinds of relationships
  • the kind of home
  • the kind of awesome work you love
  • everything about your health

…and just have it show up for you to choose!

Well, you CAN!

Seriously, I’ve found a process that I’ve used to literally design my life, and I’m sharing it with you.

HERE’S the process in this video.

There’s also a link to the worksheet I created just for this process.

I’ve designed my relationship with my husband before I even met him.

We designed our plan for our dream home, then found it weeks later!

You actually need to design your life in order to know what choices to make to get what you want.

I can’t recommend this process highly enough!!

Looking forward to hearing what shows up for you!

-Dr. Kim

Download the Design Your Worksheet here


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  1. Thank you, Dr. Kim. Your energy is healing in itself. Thank you.


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