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If you’re DEPRESSED how to let energy MOVE

I was recently vacationing in the area where I went to medical school. It brought back so much awareness of who I was then and what life was like.


First of all, realizing that so much of what’s in my life now was only a dream back then. How is sometimes felt worried I might not have it all. Also, remembering what it was like to sometimes feel heavy or depressed and not know what to do to feel better. I thought something was wrong with me and didn’t know what was going on or have tools to let the energy move.

Wow! What a different place I’m in now!! I feel so much more free to let whatever’s going on be as it is, and see things open up usually right away. I’ve had so much insight to see that this process is a beautiful thing, and part of my life expanding, bringing even more of what my heart desires.

I felt so much compassion for my former self and wanted to share this with you.

We are all awakening.
Be gentle with yourself as you do.

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  1. Appreciate your comments about compassion once you are facing yourself and the insight from the processes of holistic health.

  2. Hi Kim, great to hear that you express the mind body are one. The simplicity of that enables the body to heal itself. Thanks.


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