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Ready to Delete Money Blocks?

Many practitioners I’ve spoken to aren’t making the money they really want simply because of this ONE thing we’ve been trained to do…


Yes, I know. It’s supposed to be the “right” thing to do:

  • we’re taught we should take care of others first…
  • we’re taught that our worth comes from what we DO, not from our BEing…
  • we’re taught that it’s bad to receive too much, or to get all of our needs met…
  • we’re taught we have to work hard to get by… and; 
  • we’re taught that only when we’re totally depleted should we finally get what we need.

I know this was certainly the example I received as a doctor in my medical training, AND I’ve seen it in so many of the practitioners I’ve worked with.

This is why so many practitioners get “burned out” and have to back off from their practice.

We haven’t learned to be RECEIVERS!!
This is the #1 essential ingredient if you want to greatly assist others in healing!

If you are a practitioner ready to SOAR into ABUNDNANCE and leave lack behind as you assist others in connecting with Infinite Healing… WATCH THIS VIDEO…



I shared about my Be the Medicine Practitioners course and why I created this to assist others in creating a whole new model of healing!

In this 6-month Live Integration, you will:

  • Release blocks to receiving money and succeeding in your wellness practice
  • Open to the infinite Source within you as you invite others to do the same
  • Effortlessly assist others, instead of working hard
  • Develop ways to leverage your expertise so you and your clients both receive more

I started this after I had struggled for years working hard to help others, but ending up depleted and in debt.

I cared deeply about the work I was doing, but didn’t realize how to integrate this more fully for myself first! 

I experienced massive growth and prosperity in my life and business after I learned to honor my own wellbeing as never before!

Now, it is my guiding principle and has created more effortlessly than I ever imagined.

I am very excited to be sharing this invitation for the Be The Medicine Program!

We begin in October and there are a few spots still available.

XOX and Love,
Dr. Kim

P.S. we do a live webinar tomorrow for those of you who have questions.



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