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Upcoming Course for Women

There is so much negative programming we’ve had around our bodies. This creates suppression physically and also blocks us from receiving the messages from our own inner wisdom.

Not only does this contribute to disease and illness of all kinds, but it prevents us from easily making the choices that lead to our own expansion and joy.

One of my best friends, Jamie Kagianaris, created an amazing online course called “In Flow” exactly for this reason.

Jamie is assisting women all over the world in UNLOCKING the vast power within their womb.

(Even if you have had a hysterectomy, this power still exists within you and is just waiting to be tapped!)

I recently interviewed Jamie about her course, and she shared a sneak-preview of how to tap into your “Womb Wisdom!”

We shared…

-how to tap into  the deepest wisdom in your body
-the lies most women have been told that keeps them sick and tired
-the power of menstruation and flowing with your cyclic nature
-how to get in sync with your body’s cycles and tap your superpowers!

You can register for Jamie’s “In Flow” course HERE.

Be sure to use the CODE: DrKimLove at checkout to receive your free Period Power Piece!

If you’ve experienced:
-Anxiety or Depression
-Painful periods
-Pelvic pain or pain with intercourse
-Low libido
-Body image issues

-Persistent illness or fatigue


you’re just ready to TAP YOUR WISDOM as never before!!

…you will LOVE Jamie and her work!!

I have personally participated in Jamie’s In Flow course and can’t say enough about how amazing this work is!!

HERE is the link to register!

Be sure to use the code at checkout: DrKimLove



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1 Comment

  1. Kim & Jamie

    I concur with this wisdom.

    As a 62 year old woman of balancing feminine/masculine energy no longer creating children – I find I resonate fully with all of the ideas and energy involved:-).
    One way in particular is through the intentional flow across space & time – to my own experiences of being Grace in this lifetime – from prebirth thru every moment. I inform and recieve wisdom from myself via this in every instance of “ah-ha!” – by conversing with these versions of self. And as a habit formed – these exchanges of loving support now occur naturally – whether I mentally observe them or not.
    This ability to speak to all of my versions also includes the egg and sperm that aligned as me. As I consciously enrich my partnership with source – light travels via my energetic flow to inform and spark loving kindness in my parents – across all time and space to all associated with our lineage.
    Any woman thriving (or otherwise), I would reckon, adjusts the time and space entangled with them. The same is true for any man…
    There is always more here – being unveiled 🙂




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