Change Your Brain to Reverse Disease, Symptoms, and Aging

 Your brain wave frequency dictates everything happening in your body. When you’re in ordinary consciousness, beta brain waves, you’re running the unconscious programs, trauma patterns, and limiting belief systems that dynamically hold your life back. When you practice slower brain wave states like alpha, theta, or even delta, you access synchronicities and miracles you didn’t know were possible.

In this episode of MindBody TV, I share tools to change your brain and enter a new dimension so you access a whole new way of life!

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  1. October 26,2023.

    Dr. Kim and Friends,

    Thank you for your latest video. These tools are needed more then ever as we seem to be moving into the new dark ages with all that is going on in this nation and world?

    The biggest tool of being still… Going deeper into our being. The kingdom of God is with us as the good book says. Deeper into the pain and sorrows of personal and cosmic issues that rise up as our bodies settles into that stillness to let these feelings out. Also the knowing that we become the medicine to others in a darken and desperate world. To let that stillness(rest) settle into our hearts, souls and bodies. To be that still point.

    Keep up the good work. Especially now with the cold blooded reality of our times which seem to be pointing us into a very dark period in human history in the coming months and years?


    Bill and Carol

  2. hope you repeat this offer. couldn’t do it this year but am open for next. thanks

    • Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. If you write into, we can help support and guide you to a program.


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