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Change Everything Happening Outside You With This Simple Process

Do you realize your body is speaking louder than your words? That means no matter what you’re saying or doing… the impact you have is prewritten in your cells!

You can change everything happening outside you by just learning this simple process of changing what’s happening inside.

How does that work?
You are made of energy. Your cells are not solid, separate, confined things (the way your body looks to be) but instead, they connect and communicate to everything around them.

Your cells communicate with each other, with other parts of your body, and with the outside world.
That means your body emits a field that sends signals to others.

Your body is constantly sending information to everyone around you about WHO you are, HOW you should be treated, and WHAT your value is?

What is the quality of this signal? What is it saying about you?

Science has found that our thoughts create RESONANCE that determines the quality of this communication. When we have thoughts that are life-giving such as “I am amazing and can do anything!” this lights our cells up in a way that creates health. Stress hormones like cortisol decrease, and protective hormones like oxytocin increase. Likewise, when we have thoughts like “I’m a loser and I’ll never make it,” our stress hormones go up and we develop disease –even to the DNA level. All of your parts are receiving the impact of this resonance.

So what’s this got to do with your relationships, career, and money?
If you have been struggling with not having others listen to you, treat you the way you really want to be treated, or you’re not being valued by others the way you want to be (i.e. making the money you want to make, being cherished and adored by your partner…) this is a MindBody TWEAK you want to pay attention to!

Your body sends off subconscious clues that reflect your innermost thoughts and beliefs about your worth and value. Your body language, posture, tone of voice, and pitch all communicate strong messages that let this inner conversation come through. Even deeper than that, however, is your cellular communication. As I explained above, your body emits an energy field that others can feel. Even if they’re not aware of it, this field impacts them and changes their own body and mind.

Your field can emit life-giving energy such as joy and love, that lifts up those around you, OR it can emit life-depleting energy such as despair, anger, or fear, which brings others down. Literally, you bring out the “best” or the “worst” in others depending on the communication coming from your body.

So how do you change the messages inside your body?
There are 3 Steps to change this cellular energy:

1. Imagine your end result.
SEE it already happening now. If you want more love at home, see your family giving you hugs, or flowers, or helping you get things done. If you want more respect at work, see your coworkers smiling at you, doing things for you, and high-fiving you after a job well done.

2. Feel it in your body.
BREATHE as you FEEL what this end result would be like. How would you love to experience this? What would it feel like in your body? Feel it now as you breathe. Turn up the volume on this feeling so it’s very powerful in your body.

3. Register feedback.
Be ACCOUNTABLE for the results you have now. They are a reflection of your energy. What kind of treatment are you receiving? Are others around you angry? resentful? impatient? frustrated….? This gives you invaluable information about what energy you have been emitting. Stay awake and take responsibility without trying to fix it or change it. Just be interested and register the feedback.

(I’ve had parents tell me their kids’ behavior changed immediately when they did this, AND a woman tell me her husband suddenly started doing the dishes!)

Stick with this process to bring about change. I can’t wait to hear your results!

POST to share here: What’s been your experience, and HOW would you like to change it?

-Dr. Kim

P.S. I’ve created a GREAT video on this that will be coming out later this week…stay tuned!!!

P.P.S. Pass this on! Who knows what it will do when others get a hold of this and learn how to lift YOU!



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