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Can Doing Nothing Create Everything?

We’re taught to see the outer world as the real value and ignore the inner. Doing more becomes the priority and outer successes give us a hit of satisfaction. We’ve learned to totally ignore BEing as if it doesn’t amount to anything real. But what if it’s the inner world and inner state of being that is in fact creating everything we see?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV where I’ll share why what appears to be “no-thing” is actually the source of everything we see in the outer world, how to connect with this source within for manifestation, and why the most productive thing you can do many times is in fact nothing.


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  1. Someone I have great respect for heard my challenge and, after having discussion, recommended that I purchase and read “Letting Go” by David Hawkins. I have previously encountered the work of Lester Levenson and Letting Go. Each of these two relentless go getters in their early life got to a point where levels of dis-ease were close to taking their lives. I believe I saw an recent email from you mentioning Letting Go. Surrender. Why is Letting Go such an essential component of healing? There is something so important to the concept of Letting Go. Is it perhaps that when you are not able to “let go”, you are not in a state of love. Is the Immune System and Nervous System in great pain when it’s host is not in a state of love? Which creates dis-ease in the body. The mind. The soul. I just watched the documentary “The Quiet One” on the original Bassist for the Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman. Tremendous documentary, especially for long time Stones fans. This man ultimately stopped to smell the roses. Perhaps the monumental place to arrive in life, for all of us. Can the person stop and smell the roses? Let go of the charge. Of course he was worth many millions at the time of the decision to leave the band. But he was able to do it. Many do not. What is God up here saying as he looks down on us? Thank you for everything you give us, you are right there with all healers I have admiration for.

  2. Excellent presentation. Very inspiring. I love the print your mom sent you. god bless you Kim.
    I listen to you every week. You are a very vibrant speaker. You are my number one choice to listen to in this field. Thank you for your dedication to this work. Betty McClurg

    • Thank you so much, Betty! xoxo


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