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Are you in REACTION mode?

I just had a private Skype session with a client who had been dealing with severe chronic anxiety.

We noticed he’s been in constant “reaction” to his body and his symptoms, keeping the pattern in place.

This increased his symptoms and did nothing to address the underlying need of his body!

HERE is what I shared with him.

I invited him into stillness to receive AWARENESS of what his body really needs.

He thought he’d been trying to address his body’s needs, but he’d really just been reacting to them, without making space to have the insight of what would really contribute to his body.

Sometimes we fear the stillness, because we think we have to react or something bad will happen.

Release that!

When you come into greater stillness and harmony as you observe the symptoms, you open to AWARENESS of what is needed, so you can respond instead of react.

See what you notice as you presence your body this way.

Next time fatigue, pain, or anxiety arise, try this!
Share what you notice.



  1. Ahhh, very good and timely. I needed that. I will apply what I learned in this video. And Dr. Kim you are easy to watch. I look forward to more.!

  2. I have CFS/Hashimotos, gut issues to name a few, I have spent so much $ on different natural practitioners which restricted a lot including diet, along with many supplements etc. I have read so many books as well. I am tired of reading. I come to believe that none of them can fix my health, only myself, trouble is I don’t know how. I have started meditation (Dr Joe Dispenza) I just don’t even have the energy nor time for meditation for an hour daily. Is this all part of addressing my body’s needs. I have looked within and only know that I should find a fulfilling job but am afraid to loose the income and health insurance due to my symptoms..

    • In response to Karen, I want to say I had Hashimoto, and In the beginning of this year I did three things:
      1. I bought dr. Kim kit, read her e-book, followed her advice and listen to her affirmation before going to sleep.
      2. I continued to follow a gluten free and soya free diet I had been on for years and added a dairy free diet as I understood that my condition was caused by a leaky gut and the caseine in dairy is responsible for the leaky gut along with gluten and soya. 3. I did 6 weeks of coffee enemas to help heal my gut . Then on March 15 I had a blood test and to the doctor’s surprise my thyroid was completely better. I knew it would be because I was feeling so good but I was so happy to have the results. I just want you know there is light at the end of the tunnel…
      I continue to follow dr. Kim’s advice. She is excellent!
      I continue my coffee enemas but not every day as I did in the beginning
      I continue my diet but allow myself to be relaxed with it once a week
      I continue to be healthy and happy
      And I wish you the same dear Karen

  3. Thank you for sharing. I, too, have been in a reactive pattern vs. responsive for foot pain that I have had for the last few months. I’ve had a battery of tests done and everything is ” normal” other than a neuroma in my foot. I have spent endless hours looking for outward solutions but I think it lies within me. Obviously something is holding me back…..

    I have used EFT tapping in the past and have had good results but don’t seem to stick with it.


  4. Thank you,
    You described what I have been going through with headaches. I have been trying to “fix” the headache – looking at what I have eaten, what I need to eat, should I take a pill, etc.
    I am going to follow your responsive reaction and will let you know how it goes.
    Thank you again.

  5. Such a good reminder – thank you! When we have chronic issues and nothing seems to work, it is so easy to go into React and Research mode. We forget to listen to the one thing that is trying to talk to us – our bodies! I’m off to do some listening!


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