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Are you compromising your life?

I recently delivered an amazing workshop at Kripalu retreat center near Boston.

On the first night at dinner, there were women at our table who were leaving the next day.

One woman said to the others: “Are you guys ready to leave tomorrow and go back to reality?”

You could feel the dread they all had about leaving this expansive space and returning home.

I remember what it used to be like to feel like that.

I used to believe I couldn’t have all that my heart desired…

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Fulfillment
  • Work where I totally loooved doing and did what I was best at
  • Ease in my daily activities, looking forward to what each day held

It used to seem like a pipe dream. Like maybe other people could have that, but not me.

Vacations were a break from the tension and stress in my life.

Retreats were a time when I could connect with like-minded people who I really resonated with.

Then, I would have to return home, where the earth felt flat.

If you’ve ever felt like your life can’t really be all that you want it to be…

If you want more Freedom, Joy, Love, but think you have to settle…

If you think getting older means you have less energy, less health, less money…

BUT you know you really DO want to open to more of Life’s gifts!!!

CLICK HERE to work privately with my MindBody Mentors

It’s time to…

  • Take action and go beyond the old limitations,
  • Be free from illness and fatigue, and
  • Open to possibilities, abundance, and resources you didn’t even know existed!



  1. Hi Kim,

    You are so wonderful, just looking at your beaming face makes me smile from the inside out – thank you!! Well, what is holding me back? I feel I have these beliefs that I am not capable, not competent enough to create the kind of life I would want. I think I feel I’m not clever enough and that I do t have enough stamina to see things through. I also feel unlovable… I’m a real easing bits and peices of these beliefs every day, but it’s taking a while… I think I’m also really scared of failing, of not doing things perfectly and that is also definitely holding me back. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love, I so appreciate it!! Sending you much love

    • Wonderful to have you as part of the community Helena! We have options too of working deeper as well with me. Please send an email to my assistant at and she can see where we can help you further!

    • Thanks for sharing!!
      So many of us have these beliefs, and as you’re becoming more conscious, you’re releasing this for us all!


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