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Are Anxiety/Depression Signs of a Spiritual Awakening?

When we first realize we create our own reality, that our mind affects our body and that all kinds of healing is possible, this can bring a huge sense of joy and freedom. Especially when we’ve been in the belief system that disease “happens to us” or that there’s something wrong with us, it can be so empowering to realize we have the power to create massive change in every area of our lives. However, after that initial high we may be met with the heaviness of finding that awakening is not all bliss or the fear of leaving the old self behind. As we begin to meet the deeper parts of ourselves, the judgment, attachment, or identities we’re still holding can make this all feel so awful. How do we meet this “dark night of the soul” that commonly happens as we’re awakening to our power?

Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV, where I was joined by guest speaker Aaron Abke, dedicated spiritual student, and international spiritual teacher, to share insight on how to move beyond a healing journey into the wholeness that is truly you!

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  1. My favorite part of this interview is this pearl of wisdom: Aaron Abke “if someone is in a low enough vibration to judge you for what you are doing, then have deep compassion for them, because that’s a suffering soul. And the people who’s opinion really matters, who are truly evolved, in a higher state of consciousness, like you want to be, they won’t judge you, they’re glad you’re stepping out. So it is a win win either way.” Love it.


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