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Announcement for ALIVE Summer Series

Happy Summer!

I’m going away for my annual summer vacation and I’ve curated a collection of MindBody TV replays to share with you all summer long that will assist you in coming ALIVE!

We are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness on the planet from seeing ourselves as separate, limited, and lacking to realizing we are WHOLE, we are CONNECTED, and we are ABUNDANT!

In the past, symptoms meant that something is wrong, that you’re broken and we need to fix you.

The truth is that you are WHOLE, and your symptoms are your body’s way of communicating that there is a deeper need to be met.

In the past, we’ve seen ourselves as lacking, as victims, like life happens and we have to work hard to survive.

Now we’re seeing the truth that we are meant to live in abundance and joy, and that when we open, more flow comes into our lives.

We are also seeing that as we emerge into wholeness, love, and full ALIVEness, it impacts everyone, everywhere. We are connected, not separate! As you honor yourself and become more fully alive, all the world benefits.

What are you ready to step into?

  • more fulfilling work and purpose?
  • a thriving, resilient body?
  • love, passion, and connection with others?
  • wealth and abundance?

That’s what we’ll be focusing on this summer with the ALIVE Summer Series!!

Stay tuned for our MindBody TV broadcasts starting this week!


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