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Instant Elevation Technique

Having practiced MindBody Medicine for decades, and helped thousands of people find their way to vibrant health …there is one simple tool that embraces all the keys of the Mind-Body connection, and that I’ve found to instantly bring your body into an elevated state.

When practiced regularly, you will develop the ability to access your inner power on demand and allow the health, energy, and harmony that most fulfills you. Start by taking several minutes to practice slowly. Do this a few times a day. Soon, you will be able to connect with your energy instantly and use it to blossom your life.

“Instant Elevation Technique”

The steps are A-B-C:  Aware, Breathe, Choose

The first step is: Aware

Become AWARE of how you are feeling in your body.

This means awareness on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

-Rate this on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best.

Becoming aware of what’s going on in your body increases your brain’s ability to pay attention to this kind of information. With practice, part of your attention will constantly be in your body, attentive to what’s going on. You are literally developing new and strengthened neurologic connections in your body and brain that deliver this information.

-Set your alarm to go off 3 times daily to practice bringing your awareness into your body.

B. BREATHE slowly and deeply 3 times:

When you are anxious or stressed, you breathe shallow breaths into the upper chest. This ignites the “fight-or-flight” nervous system that increases stress hormones like cortisol, and inflammatory hormones. All of this in the long term has been shown to underlie disease. This Fight-or-flight pattern also limits brain activity to a narrow focus, so you can out run the tiger, or fight a battle. Turning this pattern off is essential to allowing health and wellbeing.

-Relax your shoulders and let the breath come all the way into your belly, balooning out your belly with the inhale. Let your belly come back in with a long, slow exhale.

This turns off the “fight-or-flight” breathing pattern, and establishes the “relaxation response” which has been heavily documented to reverse disease. This breathing changes activity in your brain so you have access to more expanded information, easily find solutions, and restore wellbeing and balance.

-Do this every time you become aware that you are feeling bad or anxious in any way. In just 3 breaths you will feel a sense of calm, clarity and relaxation. It also decreases pain.

C. CHOOSE to expand:

-State aloud or to yourself “I choose to welcome peace now. I choose to relax and let my body heal.”

By doing steps A and B, you have just set the stage to communicate to your cells and repattern your brain. This is the time when visualization, affirmations or other MindBody tools will have immediate and powerful impact!

You must get your power back, and get out of “fight-or-flight” before you can consciously choose. I will be sending you many great MindBody tools to choose from for Step C, and for now, simply stating the above command will work well.


​Practice this “A-B-C” sequence several times daily as an expansion exercise. Use it any time you notice you are contracted, and want to effect a change in your body or in the circumstances of your life.

Coming into an expanded state means your cells immediately stop secreting damaging stress chemicals and start the process of healing. This impact goes far beyond your body. Your energy field has been measured up to 8-10 feet beyond your physical body, and it correlates with your emotions. That means your emotional state impacts others around you energetically. You literally create the results in your life through your energy, and your emotions are the key to what your energetic state is.

Continue to keep your attention in your body, and your intention on expanding, so you retrain your brain, rewire your body, and become a generator of a Joyful, Peaceful, Blissful world. I wish you a life beyond your wildest dreams and look forward to supporting you in this!

-Dr. Kim


Kim D’Eramo, D.O. is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, speaker, TV personality, bestselling author of The MindBody Toolkit, and founder of the American Institute of MindBody Medicine. Dr. D’Eramo empowers patients to instantly release symptoms and reverse chronic illness. She can be found at

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  1. Hey Dr. Kim D’Eramo

    Thank you for this “Instant Elevation Technique” video. Two or more days ago I started using the one you posted on the You Tube, and it started calming me down every time I use it when triggered by my neighbours.

    The one above has put me into a delicious bliss. I am so grateful to you.

    The neighbours are the top of my problems that I need to get rid of from my life, as they systematically keep spraying at me through their ceiling, causing me lots of physical pain as well as emotional and mental distress. They keep waking me up every two hours or less, any time I am asleep. They keep spraying into my food and everything I am washing up, or even when I am showering.

    One of their reason for doing this is because they want to get rid of me, as I heard her telling another neighbour. it is because I don’t like their smoke and their smoke and smell of weed. Moving out is fine as I want to move out too. It is just taking years to find some where else to move to.

    However, I know I attracted these neighbours into my life, and wherever I move to, I will keep attracting people that causes me physical mental and emotional pain. But, what I want, is to attract people like you instead, who promote my health, wellbeing, joy and bliss..

    The illness that I need help with are adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.

    Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you.


    • I had to do the exercise twice. The second time it felt pretty good. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and a little depressed the last couple days. I can tell that using this technique will help me even more as I use it. There’s this part of me still thinks these tools won’t work for me because I’ve tried so many things over the years and I have had improvement, but I have never gotten where I feel peaceful like I want to. I’m in and out of anxiety all day long. I do have hope though with this program.

      Thank you Dr. Kim

    • I love your passion and authentic enthusiasm. You radiate positive energy which is contagious. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Dr. Kim for these great tools you offer for free..

    Sometimes feel I have struggled for so long..will it ever change..believing
    this tool will help….I have been in fight and flight mode most of my life..and don’t really know why…I didn’t really have any trauma in my past.

    Thank you for all your help.

    • Thank you for these free mind body tools. I have felt overwhelmed so much of my life. Your mind body tools are so helpful to bring me into my body and into the present moment. Much appreciation.

  3. Excellent exercise Dr. Kim. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for the mind body meditation. That was so helpful for me, especially when mentioned to stop resisting b/c resisting makes the problem persist. I had never heard this before and it is exactly what I needed to hear. Blessings!

  4. When I followed the Instant Elevation Technique for the first time, I was aware just how much tension I had been carrying and tears were spontaneously flowing as I was following the video. Afterwards, I felt so much more centred and grounded and that feeling of anxiety and stress dissipated. I have bought the MindBody Toolkit book and I’m really looking forward to engaging with it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  5. I’m in the middle of going thru the mind body program. I love the idea of not ‘fighting’ myself to be positive and to change, it really speaks to me. I found your youtube video just when I needed to after coming out of a illness where I couldn’t leave the house much for over 2 years because of the complications causing so much anxiety. My whole sympathetic/parasympathetic system was messed up from taking steroids for my adrenal, along with many nutritional deficiencies. I’m using your tools thruout the day, thank you.

  6. You are absolutely an amazing person to share things for free with others, things that actually work and help people like me.
    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    • Thank you Ioana! I am so happy to hear this resonates with you and am here to help in any way I can.

  7. This is exactly what I needed to do today. I’m going to start to do this 3 times a day I have been following your videos since feeling out of sorts. The tapping method has worked incredibly in releasing the anxious cycle I so needed to break. I feel as tho now I can begin to recover from this, Vestbulular inner ear injury. When dealing with some very distressing dizzy sensations keeping myself calm and creating stillness is what I have been trying to create with mind and body practice so I can fully heal from this. Thank you for your guidance and support!

  8. I was rear ended in June which made my “preexisting” neck, back, and hip problems worsen. In trying not to get too stiff, I started with physiotherapy and osteopathathy. I have been trying not to book off sick from work while getting myself back to 100%. About 17 years ago I was diagnosed with MS, which carries a load of fear all by itself. Since my car accident I have been very stressed about having issues from MS coming into my life. All this while building a house across the country and moving and the end of the month. I have not slept really well in about two months and I feel uptight all the time.
    I bought your program, now all I need is time to use it.
    Where to start?

    • Hi Derek,

      Wow. You have a lot coming up and a lot of fear coming up too. This is what can keep us “stuck” and keep us in fight or flight. See if you can sit with that fear and really feel into it. Even if you can release it just by 2% this will bring you into a more harmonious state with all that is. When we can allow our bodies to come into this state of harmony and pure love it can allow healing to begin. The program is a great place to start. Make the time for YOU to care for YOU!


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