3-Step Gratitude Practice to Ignite Health and Wealth

You have within you the capacity to ignite creation in your life. Your system can create health and wealth, or it can create lack, disease, and insolvable problems. The easiest way to ignite your power consistently? Gratitude!

Watch this episode of MindBody TV I share a powerful 3-step daily practice to change your brain, change your physiology, and ignite unthinkable miracles in your life regularly.

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  1. Love this, thank you!!

  2. Nov.23, 2023.

    Dr. Kim, Family and Friends,

    Wish you all a heart felt Happy Thanksgiving!

    What are we are grateful for in these dark times?

    Grateful for the practical tools that you have shared in healing, recovery and staying at our Post. One of those tools is stillness.

    We are grateful for stillness! Stillness of the body opens up the feelings that get frozen in our hearts and bodies. As we persevere in stillness of the body this allows these feelings to come to surface to be released out of heart and body. So often when one get older we become frozen and turn to stone. The face becomes puffy and not healthy. Thus I am grateful for the knowledge of these tools to have a fighting chance to gracefully go through this life to be the medicine in a small way to others in a very dark time in human history. My wife and I just came back from a Thanksgiving get together and did we pick up the vibes(HEARTMATH) feelings of misery, fear and keeping ahead of the feelings of dread of our times. When we left after the thanksgiving wining and dinning it we felt drained and great sorrow. It turns out our hostess e-mail thank us for coming and how are being there was up lifting to others. Being the medicine. And boy do we need that still point in our hearts and bodies in the days ahead.

    The days and months(2024??) ahead seem are going to be filled with great challenges. All that matters is do what you can. To be encouragement to others as we face the threat of climate change, natural disasters, unrest, war and other terrible events. God only knows what the future holds in the coming months and next few years?? What matters is how we live in the NOW and how we finish this race of life. To know how to face death when ever it comes?? Be still and know….


    Bill and Carol


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