Your Hidden Superpower #4: BREATH

Do you know that your heart rate, blood pressure and respirations correlate with your emotions? If you’re angry, irritable or anxious, your heart rate is irregular, your blood pressure is elevated, and you are breathing in quick shallow chest breaths.

Your Hidden Superpower #3: LOVE

Your Hidden Superpower #3: LOVE

I did a procedure in the ER last night on a patient who told me she had a “bad knee.” I immediately stopped the procedure and told her “We’re not doing anything here until you decide this is a good knee.”

Your Hidden Superpower #2: POSE

What’s posture got to do with health? The way you hold your body creates subtle but powerful changes in your chemistry altering your mood, your energy level, and even your brain activity.

Your Hidden Superpower #1: WORDS

Do you know that when you speak, your body is listening? The words you say have meaning and resonance in your body…and a health consequence. Studies have shown that your tone, volume and meaning is…

Why do I get anxious?

The other day on my community site, I received a GREAT question:“Why do I get anxious when I’m waiting for something? How do I manage this anticipation?” I wanted to share the answer here, since anxiety is…