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"I have used this work to successfully resolve severe chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Fog, and chronic pain. I've overcome the struggles and blocks and guided many through this same journey."

-Jessica Sullivan

As a highly conscious physician who has come through my own path of awakening, I've assisted so many in doing the same.

Jessica Sullivan is a long time client, student, friend, member of my team and veteran of this work. You may have reached out to support and had her guide you through this work.

Recently I interviewed Jessica about her healing from a severe, life-threatening illness. Jess and I shared her story of how she overcame obstacles, doubts, and fears that can arise through this kind of journey. The interview can be found HERE.

From that sharing came an influx of individuals wanting to receive personal assistance with Jess for how they could overcome roadblocks they've been facing with applying this work.

We created an opportunity for you to work with her in a private session.

About Jessica Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan is a professional mother of two who was initially a client of mine. After healing from Neurologic Lyme Disease, severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Fog, Autoimmune Illness, and chronic pain, she also became my Customer Service specialist.

She has worked with my team now for several years. Through this time, she's assisted hundreds of individuals in more fully understanding this journey, specifically in understanding how to easily apply this when they seem to be struggling to surrender.

She is now sharing tools to directly assist anyone struggling to apply this work when doubt or fear seems too big to overcome. Jess is deeply compassionate and has a way of connecting directly with the heart, so new possibilities open up within the individual and they are able to more clearly see their way forward and choose it.
We've also put together a FREE Mini-Workshop where Jess shares tools and insights for moving beyond the 3 most common blocks we see people dealing with who are looking to heal from severe chronic illness.

You'll learn how to go beyond these common struggles and expand into new possibilities.

I am feeling wonderful after our session. I realized the next day that I have never had to be brave for my healing. I never thought I had anxiety. I was listening to my neurologist about MS and overactive bladder. 

Now I am listening to my body when it tells me that it's time to use the washroom instead of listening to anxiety and fear and going "just in case". My washroom visits have cut in half since our session!!

Thank you Jessica for our wonderful session. I am listening to my body now and making a new relationship with anxiety. It gets to come with me! This was the best birthday gift I could have given myself.

- Jodie Soulodre
Wow, It's been an amazing few days since we spoke.
I'm not sure I can really encapsulate how everything feels so different.

I think it was a combination of you, me and the divine timing of it all.

The "victim" realization was a big one for me. That knocked me off of my pedestal and allowed the "light bulb to turn on". Already I see everything from a place of knowing, rather than feeling like I just can't get it.
Mostly, I just feel at peace and actually joyful.

Thank you for your words of widsom.

- Sue Gentry

I can’t tell you how much our session shifted me. I feel like I’m myself again! I knew in my heart that it was possible, and this course and your coaching have made it possible! My sons are both so happy for me and for getting their mother back!

In deep appreciation and love for who you are.

- Nancy Thompson
I had a powerful mentoring session with Jessica. It feels as if within an hour we moved the Universe.
With Jess’ loving guidance I realized how two very limiting beliefs/patterns/behaviors have been ruling my experience of life.
Jess showed me that I've been GIVING MY POWER AWAY TO OTHERS! BEING SMALL!

Jess also made me aware of my VICTIM MENTALITY. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I thought that I was so awake and aware. I felt that being a victim was not my reality. I was blown away. I’ve been attracting on the outside exactly what is going on in my consciousness.

 Thank you, Jess! I love you girl.

- Kasia Weszczak
Within 15 minutes of my session with Jessica, I had a powerful shift, an ah-ha, which gave me a newfound power within. Since that session, I am truly learning to face the fear, which I have run from all my life. The specific pain in my body that brings up intense fear when it flares up has become calmer, and so have I!!!
I am so grateful for her assistance!

- Lenis Allen
I am so appreciative of my time with Jessica. She was so kind and clear with all she said.  I felt so light and confident afterward. This was a truly divine, appreciated session. I now understand more of my mind/body healing journey and have already had some COMFORTABLE change and improvement in my symptoms. Jessica is so genuine and a brilliant addition to private sessions. I look forward to my mind/body healing journey in a new way.

- Sheri Rand
When I first came to this work, I was totally desperate. I had been sick with Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's, multiple chemical sensitivities, in a wheelchair, 80 lbs, and reacting to foods. It was unbearable. I was terrified and I thought I was going to die. I had been to every doctor under the sun which just traumatized me more. I knew deep down there was something else for me.

When I began working with Jessica, she taught me that there is no one that is going to fix me. That it all has to comes from within. I learned how to be with the body even in the overwhelm of the terrifying fear.

I learned how to sit with the body and to accept it and not to fight it and resist it and to let it flow. There were parts of me that needed to be seen and to be loved which was not easy. It changed everything for me.

I can't thank her enough for her compassion and knowledge and the things that she taught me. I highly recommend her to anyone that is suffering like this. It's an amazing and different view of yourself and your emotions and the role they play in chronic illness.

-Phyllis Boyle

After speaking with you, I felt more confident and accepting, and then a few days later felt a big shift. Now I’m feeling much lighter and while the fear that was with me most of the time isn’t completely gone, it’s so much better!
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help you gave me - you truly have a gift!

-Melissa Holtsinger

Working with Jessica has made all the difference for me to begin
to heal. I believe in this work but often get "stuck in my mind" and
feel like I "am not doing it right." I also realized that after feeling
sick for so long that I did not even know what healing looked like
especially at this level.

Jessica has helped me see where I have shifted and that my
healing has already begun! Mindset and perspective make a huge
difference every day. The time I spend talking with her truly lifts
me up and reminds me that this is "really working" because every
shift I make is healing.

Most importantly I can talk through my symptoms, thoughts, and
worries with someone that has been there and gets it. She offers
me practical advice on what to do now when the next thing comes
up or when I feel like I am at a loss. She is a constant reminder
that this is all part of the process and that each thing I move
through is a step. I have felt so isolated and overwhelmed
throughout my illness because I felt there was no way any doctor
or healthcare provider could ever understand and guide me.
Through Dr. Kim’s work, Jessica is guiding me to find the answers
in me that I need.

-Jessica Engelland

Jessica has this very special loving presence that immediately makes you relax and feel comfortable talking with her. With her kind, gentle energy she creates a beautiful space of love and trust that makes you feel seen, heard, and embraced exactly as you are. A space where it's safe to open up and share ALL your feelings and struggles. And because she created such a safe and loving space, I could share my deepest, most dense feelings and difficult, painful things going on in my life without feeling shame or wrongness. I was allowed to feel exactly what I was feeling. And I was met with such deep compassion, understanding, and encouragement.

I have gained so much life wisdom from our sessions and received so much clarity about some deep hidden limiting beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me small. And because I felt so safe to open up and be vulnerable, I allowed some deep inner healing to happen.

One of the biggest takeaways is that I don't have to wait until my disease is completely healed to live my "real" life. I can choose to live my life right now, today. And that's exactly how I allow healing to happen because I'm no longer waiting. I am living.

Through our sessions, she has guided me to go deep and find the answers within. A process I now can do on my own. I just picture myself having a conversation with Jessica, visualizing her sitting in front of me, hearing her soothing voice, feeling her beautiful loving energy, and the answers come to me.

-Mette-Louise Mayerhofer

My private sessions with you have been invaluable to really help understand the whole mind-body connection. The biggest takeaway is how little you really need to do to heal and maintain health. I am learning that this concept of "surrender" is more powerful than anything that I could ever imagine. Just speaking the word doesn’t really do it any justice until you can really fully understand the meaning behind letting go. You have truly helped me understand this concept which is the absolute holy grail of life.

You have helped reveal to me how much I try to control and manipulate life instead of just letting it unfold and happen which is so much more freeing and easier than anything you can imagine. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have been an amazing support for me.

-Anthony Barrese

Work With Jessica

We've created a way for Jessica to assist you privately. Here's what you can expect:

  • LIVE private 1-hour video session with Jess (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Prescriptive tools to resolve blocks and connect more deeply to healing within

  • Receive clarity and awareness of what's really holding you back and move beyond it

  • Follow up email for review 1-2 weeks after your call

  • BONUS AUDIO: Guided Light/Heavy Exercise to connect within and get clarity on your wisdom


3 Month Integration:

  • Includes 6 (1-hour video sessions) with Jess (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Dr. Kim's Radical Health videos to use anytime you need


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