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  Instantly End Anxiety using EFT Meridian Tapping

  How to End Chronic Illness & Ignite Self-healing, Even If You’ve Tried Everything

  Reverse Chronic Pain & Understand What Your Body’s Really Trying to Tell You

  The Message Behind Autoimmune Illness & How to Talk Your Body into Health

  What Your Illness is Trying to Tell You: Tuning into the Wisdom of Your Body


Why are so many people living in anxiety on a daily basis?

What is going on in the brain that propagates anxiety and causes this to continue?

What is the “fight-or-flight” response and how does it get triggered to cause anxiety and disease?

What results have you seen in your patients and clients reversing anxiety and getting off medications using MindBody Medicine?

Could we do a MindBody exercise here so our listeners can experience this for themselves?



What is EFT Meridian Tapping and how does it work to reverse chronic illness, anxiety, depression and fatigue?

Does medical research demonstrate these changes or is it all in our heads?

How do we get to the root of what’s really going on to make lasting changes?

How do you use EFT in your medical practice and what kinds of healing have you seen?

Do we need a practitioner or can we do this on our own?

Would you walk us through an EFT sequence now to experience a shift now?


How did you personally reverse a severe autoimmune disease using MindBody Medicine?

Why did you change the foundation of your medical practice away from conventional medicine and into helping the body heal?

How do we get to the root cause of what’s really going on that’s causing illness?

What if a patient has “real disease” and a medical diagnosis? Don’t they still need medication?

Do you have a way our listeners can experience the healing effects of MindBody medicine now?


What is the process that creates chronic pain and why is it so difficult for most people to treat?

What have you seen in patients with chronic pain in being able to reverse pain?

What are some stories of patients who reversed severe chronic pain?

Would you guide our listeners through some MindBody tools to experience results now?

How do we use your “Instant Elevation Technique” and/or EFT Tapping to reverse pain for good


What really underlies autoimmune illness and what is our body trying to tell us through this imbalance?

Can we really reverse autoimmune illness, even when we have real disease and need medications?

What are some of the outcomes you’ve seen working with patients with autoimmune illness?

You yourself struggled with an autoimmune illness, then reversed all of your symptoms in just 10 days? How did you do that?

Is there a tool you could walk us through for our listeners to experience changes in their bodies right now?


What Your Illness Has to Say to You


How do we know what’s really underneath our pain, anxiety, or chronic illness, and get awareness of what our body’s really telling us?

What about when symptoms are so severe and we feel like our body has betrayed us?

Is illness always a message from our body to invite change?

How do I know when there’s really something wrong?

How can we get in alignment with our body as an ally to let it be a tool for insight and manifestation?

Once we embrace the body as it is, how does this assist physical healing, abundance, and love in our relationships?