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Head to Heart Coherence

When the head and heart are operating in open, clear communication, there is a harmony we call “coherence”. The state of coherence has been shown to immediately create healing at the cellular level.

Also, because the heart registers higher frequency information, a coherent state allows the mind to perceive wisdom and make choices that create health, wealth, and abundance in your life.

Use this guided audio to come into a coherent state, then practice this anytime so you begin living your life from a deeper space!

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


How to Follow Your Heart for Guidance in Health, Work & Love!

Your life will reflect whatever consciousness you are in. You have access to let your life and health reflect the highest truth in your heart!

In this video, I talk about following your heart for guidance in health, work, and love.

Scientifically, there are sensory neurons around the area of your heart that pick up information and awareness. Your heart is your truth. It is your highest expression that comes from a space beyond the mind. 

To connect with your inner wisdom, ask yourself, “Is this true for me? What else is possible?” Touch your heart, breathe, and slow down. It’s a guarantee that something else will come in. You may not consciously register it at first and that’s fine. Just practice. Sensing what the awareness is from your heart is more about witnessing and less about grasping. 

You are a giant receptor, a transmitter, and a transmuter of energy. Connect with yourself. Tune into your heart every moment. You are the world expert on what is best for you.

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


The Instant Elevation Technique

by Kim D'Eramo DO

Our body immediately responds to where we put our attention. This tool has become the main foundation of my medical practice because it allows us to practice consciously focusing our attention and igniting the body into health!

The steps are A-B-C: Aware, Breathe, Choose

1. Become AWARE of how you are feeling in your body.

Notice everything: physically, mentally, emotionally.

-Rate this on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.
Just this step alone re-patterns your nervous system to allow greater harmony.

-Set your alarm to go off 3 times daily to practice bringing your awareness into your body.

2. BREATHE slowly and deeply 3 times:

-Relax your shoulders and let the breath come all the way into your belly, ballooning out your belly with the inhale. Let your belly come back in with a long, slow exhale.

This turns off the “fight-or-flight” breathing pattern, and establishes the “relaxation response” which has been shown to reverse disease.

-Do this every time you become aware that you are feeling bad or anxious in any way. In just 3 breaths you will feel a sense of calm, clarity and relaxation. It also decreases pain.

3. CHOOSE to expand:

-State aloud or to yourself “I choose to welcome peace now. I choose to relax and let my body heal.”

By doing steps A and B, you have just set the stage to communicate to your cells and re-pattern your brain. This is the time when visualization, affirmations or other MindBody tools will have immediate and powerful impact! You must first ALIGN before any conscious choice can take hold.


Practice this “A-B-C” sequence several times daily as an expansion exercise. Use it any time you notice you are contracted, and want to effect a change in your body or in the circumstances of your life.

Let me know what you notice and what you see happening in your life as you practice this here in the MindBody Community!



Why Being Positive Won't Heal Your Body

by Kim D'Eramo DO

“Be Positive?”

Many try to use positive thinking to override illness or negativity in the body. However, this just creates more resistance and inflammation because we’re trying to suppress, fix, or overcome what is.

Instead, move to embrace the “negativity” as it is. This immediately creates a more harmonic state in the body that allows the negativity to release.

Here’s an audio that brings you beyond the duality of “negative” and “positive” and connects you with your POWER. You will neutralize “negative” thoughts, so there is no longer anything to escape. Then, instead of trying to “be positive,” you experience yourself as the whole, vibrant, and empowered being that you already are.

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


Affirmations to Release Chronic IllnessThe messages we send our body will play out in our cells and our health. When we relax the body and embrace what is as it is, our cells are far more receptive to allow new message in!

Use this audio to let your cells receive a new message that allows health and wellness, so you resolve illness and expand in vitality and wellbeing now!

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


Inner Ease Meditation

Your cells are responding to where you put your attention. Dis-harmony and dis-ease is what creates chronic illness. Since what you focus on expands, shifting your focus to inner ease is what allows dis-ease to resolve. Begin within to allow a new experience in your body, health, and life!

Use this audio to establish ease within your body and strengthen your ability to call on inner ease as a way to change what’s going on physically in your body and outside you in your world.

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


Breathing In Love for Healing

Science has shown that where we put our attention has a direct effect on what’s happening in that area of the body. Often, we hold fear when we sense into symptoms, and this tenses and contracts the area, blocking health and healing! Instead, breathing in love and acceptance for what you notice in the body has a healing affect.

In this audio you’ll practice bringing loving, healing attention to the areas where you notice pain, illness, or tension, as a way to shift the pattern and allow healing to flow through.

Let me know your experience here in the MindBody Community!


Design Your Life Worksheet

This is a process I’ve used many times to get clear about the highest possibilities for my life so I can align with that and it gets created through my embodiment. It’s important to connect with your heart, rather than the mind and what it thinks you need in order to be happy.

In this process, find an area of your life you’d like to see major change.

Relax your body so you get out of the mind, and place your hands on your heart.

Feel into the love and serenity that’s there so you become clear on what is the highest possibility for you in this area. Use your life experience to bring you clarity on what is or is not aligned with your highest possibility.

Then, use this process and commit to honoring what your heart knows is in store for you!! Release fear that it can’t be, or doubt that this is possible for you. Let the inspiration and clarity you get from this exercise and your strength of commitment to yourself guide you into allowing something all-new to be created!

P.S. I want to see it!! You’ll be surprised how many others are encouraged by it too. Come over to the MindBody Community now to share with me what you are creating and any questions you have! I can’t wait to hear and support you!!

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