Private 6 Month Integration
Connect with Dr. Kim privately for assistance on your journey to
 Health, Wealth, and Freedom!

This is for you if:

  • You’ve seen benefits from this work and would like to go much deeper and receive much more

  • You are clearly ready to release old ways of being, and open to receive healing, freedom, and abundance in your life at all new levels

  • You are open to seeing the deeper truth about yourself and your life in ways you have never perceived before

Ready for a massive upgrade in your experience of body and life?

Life is expansive by nature, and this journey is blissful to the degree that we are able to integrate it and let it in.

When we hold onto old beliefs and old ways of doing things it keeps us stuck and blocks abundance from flowing in.

We end up feeling stuck, sluggish, depressed and sick and living in lack trying fervently to make things better and to change.

When we remember that we are vibrational, not physical beings, this gives us access to a whole new vantage point: To change our physical lives, bodies, and circumstances, we must change our vibration.

Our lives are already pointing out exactly what we need to release in order to live freely and fully!

We typically are so busy fighting our problems, we don't receive the signals, insight, resources and wisdom that are right here for us.


As a highly conscious physician who has come through my own path of awakening, I will assist you in doing the same. You have within you all you need to heal and live in joy and freedom!

During this private integration, I will guide you through releasing the beliefs, traumas, ways of being, and energies you've held that are not serving you. You will access Diving Love, Harmony, and Ease beyond what you have currently imagined.

Through our work together you will enter a new space of receiving, so you effortlessly move through life, live in vitality, abundance and true wealth, and allow Life to source you in every moment. This applies to your body, your relationships, your work/career. Everything is connected and it will all be a part of this process.

We will do live sessions & have weekly email or text communications.

You'll also get video and audio components throughout your journey into Wholeness.

“Everything has changed for the better”

“This turned my world around”

“Everyone should experience this”

"My anxiety is completely gone, and I am no longer depressed!"

"It’s a week after the Skype call and the whole week has been so full of energy and I have felt so alive and excited and enthusiastic!"

"My energy levels are super duper! Psoriasis is resolving and depression doesn’t seem to be there at all! AHA!"

-Parul, Dentist 

"Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Like Divine Acupuncture!"

"Kim is like a divine acupuncturist who knows exactly where to put the needle to clear out the old crap and make way for new healthy energy. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their health or is looking to clear out blockages in any area of their life.

I decided to work with Kim because of having been quite ill for 2 years with chronic fatigue syndrome. I wanted my full health back and I have had quite a burst of health already coming forward. I am certain it will continue since the amount I have uncovered about myself has been huge and is undoubtedly transforming my body and my life."
The 4 MONTH PRIVATE Package Includes:

6 Private 1:1 Video Integration Sessions: We will go deep in the work together through live video sessions to release old energies and upgrade your system for higher functioning of health and wealth in all areas.

Weekly Email or Text Contact: Check in with me so I can assist you in moving fluidly through with whatever arises during this process

MindBody Mastery Online Program: Tools to assist your integration. This video series is available beyond our time together and can be used any time to bring you into health and wealth consciousness.

Audio & Video Resources: You will be sourced throughout your program with selected group integration sessions, prescriptively chosen to assist you in integrating this work even further. You will have access to these even after we complete our time together.


Available pay plan: $3,125 US/monthly for 4 months

***Dr. Kim is currently not taking private clients. Please join the interest list to get notified when this becomes available again***

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