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It’s not about being “positive!”

Here’s a lesson right out of my book about WHY you want to focus on what you DO want instead of focusing on what you don’t want.

Recently I tried something new and went mountain biking. Now, I live in cycling central! There are literally olympic level cyclists all over this town, (and we’re going on a trip with some in a few days!) so I figured I’d brush up on my mountain biking so I could hit the trails without falling on my face or something even worse.

It was AMAZING!…and terrifying. The one thing I had to keep aware of is to keep my focus on where I DO want to go. Every time I started to look off course at where I did not want to go, thinking about what terrible thing might happen, and all the ways I could get killed, it was a nightmare!….I had to immediately bring my attention back to the trail and stare directly at where I DID want to go.

When there was fear, the fun was gone and I tensed up. Of course, that made the bike shaky and a few times I went off course. When I kept my attention on the path I wanted to take, it was insanely fun and I did awesome! My body knew exactly what to do and the bike followed.

The same happens with your LIFE. Your body will reflect your attention and if you’re focusing on your fears, your worries, your past foibles and mistakes…guess what happens? Your chemistry gets imbalanced, stress chemicals increase, your brain gets jumbled and you literally create that outcome you’re hoping to avoid.

It’s not about being “positive,” like so many people think. Ever try that? You eventually have to quit. The key is to keep your focus of attention on your intended outcome, whether that’s the clear path ahead of you, having ideal health, loving relationships, or abundance in your money flow…you must keep your attention there, and not on all the things that could go wrong.

Your energy creates!…and your mind is the channel that dictates what you put that energy into.



  1. What a timely message! There are a million different self-help books, philosophies and ways to “feel good” about making change, BUT the real challenge is do EXACTLY what you attention to the NEXT STEP. Not what could happen, but is happening as you move from point A to point B. Focus on the next step that will get you there and you forget about all the ways that don’t. Thanks for this great message today!

    • Yes! It’s so much a CHOICE rather than something we need to fix about ourselves. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Wow, that was great! Thanks!

  3. I truly enjoy your videos each week, thank you so much for taking the time to share! Do you have any recommendations for for training courses or resources regarding neuroscience/mind body connection/reprogramming subconscious beliefs/ Neuroendocrinology?

    Currently Denver based, but looking for any resources or training programs to go into that next step of helping people truly heal.

    I absolutely loved your book and look forward to everything you have coming in the future.

    • Yes!! I have several programs AND I work with people privately.
      Let me know what’s going on and what you need and we’ll get you set!
      -Dr. Kim
      You can contact me directly. Will send you an email, Megan!


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