Exclusive Luxury Business Retreat for Established Wellness Leaders creating new modalities that go beyond the conventional thinking.

You will receive support physically and energetically to increase your consciousness to expand your work, business structures, wealth, and personal lifestyle. 

  • You are a health/wellness practitioner in an existing practice or business

  • You put more work into your business than you are getting back

  • You're overwhelmed & overworking because you really care about your work and message

  • You know there is something bigger in store for you, but are not exactly sure how to let that happen without working harder

  • You're ready to move beyond conventional marketing methods of "filling programs," and "growing your business" and let things happen fluidly

  • You're ready to LEVERAGE what you know in order to serve many more people and receive far more from your work
  • You are deeply committed to assisting the expansion that is occurring on the planet and assisting others


  • -Bring your hours-for-dollars business seeing one patient/client at a time into an expansive enterprise that can serve thousands

  • -Grow your online presence and community effortlessly

  • -Create online programs and systems that create true expansion of your clients

  • -Move into way of doing your healing work that feeds you as much as it assists others

  • -Have people find you without you trying to find them

  • -Have people immediately know they're ready to work with you and easily choose your programs and packages

  • -Effortlessly create videos, programs, and offerings that are a fit for those who are here to work with you

  • -Receive more from your business than you put into it

Carefree, Arizona
What we'll do:

*Our tentative schedule

Thursday November 14th:

6:00PM We will open the event and begin our work together: Introductions, refining intentions, and begin integrating this work
8:30PM Free time for your evening routine to assist your opening and integration

Friday November 15th:

8:30AM Breakfast: Fresh fruit, multiple healthy delicious options
9:30PM Begin our session together: Movement, MindBody work, personal integrations
12:00PM Free time for journaling, walking, soaking, or rest
1:00PM Lunch (outdoors if possible): Delicious buffet of fresh, gourmet food
2:30PM Afternoon session together
4:30PM Free time or personal energy work with Bernard
7:00PM  Nourishing Group Dinner
10:00PM Recommended bedtime and evening routine to assist integration

Saturday November 16th:
8:30AM Breakfast: Fresh fruit, multiple healthy delicious options
9:30AM Begin our session together including movement, breathwork, and personal integrations
12:00PM Free time or personal work with Bernard
1:00PM Lunch (outdoors if possible): Delicious buffet of fresh, gourmet food
2:30PM Afternoon session together
4:30PM Free time or personal energy work with Bernard
7:00PM Nourishing Group Dinner
10:00PM Recommended bedtime and evening routine to assist integration

Sunday November 17th:
8:00AM Breakfast: Fresh fruit, multiple healthy delicious options
9:00AM Begin our session together: Completions, Harmonizing your home and life before you return
12:00AM Complete our event!

*You are welcome to book an additional night's stay to enjoy the resort if that suits you.

Special guests:

Sylvie Olivier & Bernard Therien

Sylvie has been one of my greatest mentors and working with her has made the biggest difference of anything I have done.

Bernard is a powerful and loving energy healer. When he put his hands on me, I would feel pain immediately leaving my body. When I would look into his eyes, I would literally feel old energies of fear transmuting.

They are both incredibly beautiful and powerful beings, and will add an even deeper dimension to what we are stepping into through this summit.

Sylvie and Bernard are the Founders of Golden Heart Wisdom and can be found at
Mark Romero

Mark Romero Mark has a gift using music to transmit harmonic frequencies for healing.

His work has been very powerful in my life and business.

He will use music and his intuitive abilities to assist the release of old energies and belief systems for individual participants as well as for our group collectively as we move into prosperity consciousness and integrate a higher functioning in life and business.

Mark can be found at
Our Last Global Expansion Summit Experience:
Your Guide: 
Dr. Kim D'Eramo DO

I have seen how powerfully we leverage The Universe when we are in ALIGNMENT with abundance consciousness in our work. We can only assist others in their healing to the degree that we, ourselves, embody the consciousness we are inviting them into! This is the easiest and most fulfilling way to live, and it's what creates ALL true success in business, but it has been left out of most mastermind and business events. 

When I began prioritizing this, I worked way less and created way more. Synchronicities always showed up, and challenges and limitations fell away. I invite you to a whole new way of doing your business. 

I guarantee this will enhance not only your wealth and business growth, but also every aspect of your life!

Check out the webinar where I debunk the myths that keep wellness practitioners stuck
The 2019 Summit

We'll go beyond the old paradigm of what seemed possible, get out of conclusion and into unlimited possibility. And operate at the frequency of Love or above in your business.

This is an invitation for greater expansion.

What's included: 

  • 3 nights stay at CIVANA Resort in Carefree, AZ
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner throughout
  • Event Participation
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Pre-Event Group Call
  • Post-Event Group Call 

*airfare & travel to and from resort is not included


©2019 American Institute of MindBody Medicine, LLC. 

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