This Private Retreat Experience with Dr. Kim is By Application Only
What have you been dreaming for your life to be?

Within you is the Source of all things, the answers and possibilities that allow your life to be all your heart desires. 

When you connect with your Essence, the truth of who you are as an eternal being, you tap into the resources, inspiration, and awareness that lets you experience Life as infinitely abundant.

We are infinite beings, but when we experience life from the small self, our "identity," it blocks us from this awareness and the infinite possibilities that go along with it. 

When we live from identity, things are limited. We don't have enough energy in our body to heal illness or do all the things that make us thrive. We don't know how to make things work out for our career or money. We get stuck dealing with the same challenges, and there appear to be no solutions. We block the Love that's available, so we don't enjoy the fun and harmony our relationships have to offer. We buy into the idea that we can't really have it all, so we work harder, compromise more, and suffer.

If you've been struggling, depleted, frustrated or living in fear about how things will go for you, 2019 is the year to change ALL of that and begin living from an entirely new space within you. 

This space of effortless receiving is within us all, and it requires that we release what we've been holding that keeps us "safe" and stuck. These are just protections we put on as a way to survive in a fear-based world. 

That fear-based world is an illusion.

You literally are The Universe.

You do not need to live with these protections, anymore. When you release the old protections of the small self, and begin living from your Essence, instead of identity, you access the Joy, Freedom, Abundance, and Prosperity that is your Divine right. You receive everything effortlessly.

Join us for "Integrating Effortless Receiving," this 3-day group retreat, where you will be immersed in the energy of Love, Harmony, and Peace, allowing you to establish a solid connection with the Unlimited Potential that you are!

During this experience I will guide and assist you in accessing your infinite self, and releasing old energies in your body and mind that have been blocking you from experiencing this Essence within you so you begin to live from this deeper space of truth effortlessly. This opens you to receiving all the abundance Life has to offer you so that your life, health, body, and relationships are created from this Divine Truth.

I created this program after receiving an amazing group retreat experience myself. I had begun to open to my Essence and welcome in life's gifts, but had still been living from a very limited space. There were always fears about money, family, and work, and I continued to work hard to "get ahead" in my career. I was living from fear. 

After the live retreat, and having been immersed in the energy of Love and Harmony, I integrated my connection with my Divine Essence in a whole new way. Literally things changed overnight. I released most of the things I was doing in my work, that had caused depletion, and began making far more money. My relationship struggles dissolved and I enjoyed so much more Love on a daily basis. I felt guided every day and was easily able to release old habits and patterns that had kept me in fear and struggle. 

Because this live experience was so powerful, I decided to begin offering live retreats for my own clients.

Here's what participants said:

"For 20 years, I was dealing with a ton of autoimmune diseases. After a private retreat with Dr. Kim, my health has improved. I left feeling energized, vibrant, and vibrating at a whole new level. My family all noticed the change and they also benefitted from this. This is the best gift you could ever give yourself!"

Maura Kennedy, Mom, Entrepreneur

"I had an absolutely incredible and profound experience."

Kara Rousseau

"My health is back on track. As a result of this retreat, my finances have improved, I feel vibrant and alive, and have more energy! I SO encourage you to do a retreat with Dr. Kim."

Arlene Broussard, Executive


Liz Jutras

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All-inclusive accommodations in our Durango Guest Cottage
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I'd be honored to have you as my special guest.

I know the power that exists when we immerse ourselves in the essence of Love, Harmony, Peace and connect with the Essence within ourselves. 

This is an invitation to establish this strong connection in a way that is life-altering.

What's included: 

  • 3 Days of Private Assistance and Body Work with Dr. Kim D'Eramo.

  • All-Inclusive Stay - Transport To and From Airport in Durango, Colorado, Food, and Accommodations in our Durango Guest Cottage

  • 2 Private 1-hour Skype Integration Sessions with Dr. Kim.

  • Personalized Audios, Videos, and Meditations to assist your journey

INVESTMENT: $25,000 
includes room, food, beverage and our work together  *airfare not included

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