MindBody for Kids

For kids with anxiety & the adults who love them.

If you’ve felt powerless to assist your kid, this is for you!

Get a whole new awareness of what’s really going on with behavioral problems and release anxiety for good!

Mindbody Kids provides you with tools for kids to use anytime, anywhere, to release anxiety and physical symptoms. Parents can assist in the process

What's included:

Tapping Kids Series
Video #1:
How Emotions Affect Your Kids Health

Learn how this powerful healing tool works for your body, brain, and nervous system to release anxiety, change behavior, and restore ideal health.

Video #2:
How to Use EFT Tapping for Your Kids Anxiety, Behavioral, or Health Challenges

This is an introduction to using EFT Tapping to open possibilities for yourself and your kids.
Video #3 & Video #4:

EFT Tapping Sessions for Young Kids and Older Kids

Younger kids may need your guidance and this sequence will help you teach them. Older kids will be able to learn tapping on their own from this video.

Video #5:

EFT Tapping for PARENTS to Release Worry About Your Kids

This is a tapping session for parents and child caretakers to use to release physical, mental, and emotional energy that is causing distress in relationship with a child. Use it anytime you are stressed or worried about your child, frustrated or afraid in dealing with challenges with child, or before you interact with your child for the best interaction possible.

Audio MP3

General Tapping Session for Kids

This is a great tool for kids to use before bed AND first thing in the morning to release anxiety and clear their physical, mental and emotional states to reverse disease and live at their best!interaction possible.

Kid's Anxiety Releasing Tools

​​​​​​​These are 5 powerful, easy-to-use tools designed to assist kids in releasing tension and anxiety, and becoming aware of the energies creating illness, distress, and disconcerting behaviors.

Video #1: 4 Tapping Points to Release Anxiety
Video #2: Crossover Anti-Anxiety Tool
Video #3: Head Hold Tool for Anxiety
Video #4: Square Breath for Anxiety
Video #5: EFT for Anxiety

"They all helped release anxiety and establish more calm in my body and brain.
I've also been doing the exercises when the urge to pick arises, and found I was often experiencing a strong sense of emotion that I wasn't aware of before doing this. Most commonly there was sadness, frustration, and anxiety. Thank you!"

-Kierra, age 13 (suffered with anxiety and excoriation disorder)

"For about the past year or so Brooke was having a terrible fear of bees (due to a boy getting stung at recess next to her). She would literally run screaming into the house and at times would not even go outside during warm months. I would have to spray her from head to toe with "bee spray" (aka bug spray) just to get her to go outside. Before we left for the Cape, I had her do your EFT tapping for kids. We did it together only once and since we have been here she has had no fear. Bees go right by her and she told me she is no longer afraid and it has been a non issue so far. I actually can't believe it because her fear was so strong only a few days ago and now it's as if it's gone completely and I can only attribute it to her doing EFT. I have never seen it work after just one time so amazingly well.” 

-Jessica, mom 
More kids and teens than ever are struggling with anxiety and depression. Suppressing symptoms can feel like the only option when things are severe, but this actually creates more symptoms and challenges in the long term. When we remember that we are ENERGY, and we look at how our own energy affects our kids, we find a powerful vantage point to allow powerful and lasting change.

Watch this MindBody TV episode to learn about why so many kids and teens are so anxious and depressed and how you can change this NOW, starting within YOU

Here's what you will receive:

  • 5 video Tapping lessons & understand how to change anxiety/illness patterns in your kids
  • 5 Anti-Anxiety MindBody Tools for Kids
  • Audio to release anxiety
  • BONUS: Audio of a private session on "Parenting from Love instead of Fear"
  • Lifetime access to the material in the members area

All for ONLY $89

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