Liquid Dance


Healing Through Sensual Movement

Science has shown that sensing our physical body and allowing sensual expression reduces pain, releases anxiety, and enhances self-healing.

Many women have been socialized to believe that their sensuality is wrong, their emotions are inappropriate, and their physical body is shameful or to be hidden. These beliefs send neurologic and immune signals to the body that create the inflammatory response and inhibit healing. As a result, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, digestive diseases, and neurologic and autoimmune illnesses.

For many women with chronic pain, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, or anxiety/depression, the physical imbalance is due to repressed sensation in the body and repressed self-expression.

Women fear their sensuality and so disconnect from their inner world and shut down full expression.

Living in this state of repression blocks the full expression of health and prevents the body from opening to receive full vitality.

Liquid Dance movement will  connect with the deeper energies in your body and give them expression in a fun and soulful way to bring you back to vitality.

As a MindBody Medicine physician, Kim D'Eramo, D.O. has assisted thousands of women to be free from illnesses that were otherwise "incurable" using the conventional model.

After years of practicing as an Emergency Medicine physician, she began to notice mental/emotional patterns in her patients with chronic pain and illness and could see how our inner beliefs and emotions create dis-ease and block healing.

Being highly sensitive and intuitive, she developed tools to assist with self-healing through awakening to and releasing repressed energies in the body.

Through self-love, movement, and breathwork, her work brings you into a higher frequency where rapid healing can occur.

This has been shown to assist even if pain or neurologic dis-ease currently limits your ability to physically dance. The dance happens inside first and foremost, so we invite all levels to participate!
If you've experienced:

-Anxiety and/or depression
-Chronic pain or fibromyalgia
-Chronic fatigue syndrome
-Autoimmune illness like thyroid disease
-Sexual dysfunction, PMS, or pelvic pain


You are interested in having more fun, greater sensual and sexual expression, and igniting your life....

JOIN the Liquid Dance Movement

Connect with the deeper, often unconscious energies in your body and give them expression. This is a fun, soulful, sensual, way to ignite health by releasing old energies that may have been stuck in your body for decades! Release these old energies so you can be free and receive the vitality your body really needs.

You will be guided through the 5 Carnal Movements of Liquid Dance and on how to put them together to allow even more flow!

This will be a safe, sacred space to explore the deeper energies of you and how to express them in ways that feel delicious, healing, and fun.

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There are movements the body loves, which allow the flow and expression of deep energies we may have suppressed for all our lives. These "Carnal Movements" are intrinsic. We may not understand why the body wants to move this way or express a certain posture, but they wisdom of the body knows exactly why and we can follow. Through these innate, healing movements we release suppressed energies, embrace natural vitality, and become more whole.

The first is starting at the head and neck, allowing the release of old thoughts, ideas, beliefs, memories, traumas and moving through this area, letting energy go right out into the ground. (The body loooves this!!)

The second is movement through the torso and hips to increase sensation, open the heart, and release fear (often stored in the pelvis.) It's amazing how "taboo" we have decided certain movements are, and these are the exact ones that move the most energy OUT!!

The third is an up and down movement connecting with earth and sky and allowing a merging of energies into our human form. We become more receptive and forgiving so we can be more fully IN our body.

The fourth is about letting movement flow from the heart, opening to the Divine Feminine within and letting her OUT. This unleashes our fullest expression and commitment to follow our heart's calling.

The fifth is a twisting through the spine to wring out toxins and let motion unite the body in wholeness and begin to allow deeper personal expression!

All are welcome no matter what your capacity to engage in physical activity. The brain does not know the difference between the "real" and the imagined, so even breathing through the program, visualizing and inviting your body to release energy as we demonstrate the movement will be deeply healing!

This has been shown to assist even if pain or neurologic dis-ease currently limits your ability to physically dance. The dance happens inside first and foremost, so we invite all levels to participate!

What you get:

  • Video training for 5 Carnal Movements
  • Guided Dance Sequence using the 5 carnal movements
  • Video Demonstration of Liquid Dance



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