Be the Medicine for Practitioners

Feeling like you don't fit the mold
of the current "system"? You're not meant to. 

BE THE MEDICINE is a 4-month LIVE group program for healers that allows you to create YOUR work through your own inner wisdom and guidance. 
The change from sick to well happens not through the “pill”, the treatment, or the modality we are using, but through ourselves, our consciousness, and the interaction we have with others.

  • If you know you are here to assist Humanity with your unique message, and aren't sure how to get started...

  • If you were inspired to create your wellness practice, and now find you’re struggling, working longer and harder, instead of living the abundance you are here to bring others...

  • If you feel burdened with the idea of being responsible for others and are "taking on" clients instead of effortlessly assisting them...

  • OR... If you’ve been disappointed with not seeing results from marketing programs and strategies, and know things do not have to be this complex...

It’s time to tune into your inner guidance to access Infinite Possibilities for yourself and your business!

Most practitioners create their business from limitation.

All the marketing strategies in the world will not overcome this misalignment.

Ready to shift your consciousness and unleash your healing gifts?

Here's what we'll be doing
together each month:


Money & Abundance

You'll be releasing old patterns & perspectives holding you back from receiving, opening to receive infinite wealth , clearing money blocks, opening to Unity Consciousness with money.


Access Your Genius

You'll be releasing: old identities, feeling "not enough", fear of being "seen" and not knowing what you're here to do. You'll be gaining clarity on your unique gifts.


Rewiring Relationships

You'll be moving out of the hierarchical structure, letting relationships be a mirror for your expansion, connecting with your clients and patients in unity instead of separation and  being the medicine that assists others.


Accessing the Wisdom of the Body

You'll be releasing the 3D limitation and become a quantum being, connecting with Source to create your business, being guided and in clarity with all you do.

The 4-month LIVE online training & mentoring program with Dr. Kim offers 2 options
TIER 1 includes:


Be the Medicine Training Videos 

Video series designed to help you connect with the Essence of your message to easily grow your business, get clear on who you are here to assist, create new ways of packaging for your services, create your online modules and programs, and setup systems to easily invite high-paying clients.
2 Monthly LIVE Group Call Integrations

Release blocks and limitations, and clear old emotions around money, healing, your clients, and the possibilities for your practice.

Receive direct assistance and intuitive awareness from Kim to get to the root of what's really holding you back.

Get clarity and guidance for what life is inviting you into as you integrate new possibilities for your life and career.

Tap into Source for ideas, inspirations, unlimited resources, and all that's required for you to do what you're here to do.

(Calls will be: 10am MT/12n EST and run for 1.5- 2 hours on the following dates: September 12th, 26th, October 10th, 24th November 7th, 21st,  December 5th, 19th)

Private & Exclusive Online Community

Receive continued assistance from Dr. Kim direct answers to questions, and videos to guide you in your expansion

TIER 2 includes everything in Tier 1 PLUS:

2x 60-min Private Sessions With Dr. Kim 

These will be an intensive session where we'll connect you with prosperity consciousness and integrate this throughout your system, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will align your energy system with your highest possibilities for life, business, relationships and money.

We will also look at your work, or prospective work, and get clarity on what is the highest expression for you here. We will optionally look at your website, programs and packages, and other aspects of your business. 

Personal Business Evaluation With Dr. Kim 

She'll personally review your websites, programs and overall business with you!

Recorded Half Day Entrepreneur Workshop

After we've completed the work together, you'll see how to more intensively apply this work.

  • Align with who you are here to be in your business
  • Create systems, programs & packages that support you and your clients more fully
  • Create ways you can let your work be seen
  • Develop and expand your audience
  • Create a plan going forward for what you will step into over the next year

It's time to Awaken YOUR Business
We'll go beyond the old paradigm of what seemed possible, get out of conclusion and into unlimited possibility. And operate at the frequency of Love or above in your business.

This is an invitation for greater expansion.

What's included:

  • 10 Video Training Series designed to move your business from separation consciousness to Unity Consciousness
  • 12 Recorded Live Group Calls with Dr. Kim to assist with integrating this work
  • Bonus guided meditations to assist your expansion
What the Experience is Like:

"This course has been an absolute game-changer for me!!"

"I had been running my practice in a very standard way, setting up one appointment at a time with my clients. It’s how I had always done it and I honestly had never considered another way. However, since watching these videos, the downloads I have received are beyond remarkable.

A complete restructuring of my practice has flown through me effortlessly. It has solved so many problems I’ve been having. Just like Kim said in the video, I had such a hard time pricing. I felt guilty even discussing payment with clients. Most of my herbal mentors see healing as an act of service; many run free clinics. Most of these brilliant healers live below the poverty line. I lost more money in my first practice then I ever allowed myself to count.

Kim’s view of using pricing as an invitation to gain commitment and willingness from clients was something I haven’t heard anyone else suggest. I experienced so often how draining it was to give so much of myself for so little.

I have learned through experience that the clients that I take on now for free or at reduced rates were the most draining, least receptive and least compliant with protocols. I just didn’t know how to fix it.... until now!

I also had been having such trouble attracting the type of clients I really feel passionate about working with. People have been coming to me for quick-fix solutions to symptoms, looking for a quick herbal bandaid. The new downloads I’ve had about restructuring what I’m offering and a whole new way of pricing will address both of these issues that I’ve been struggling with forever!!! I am just so excited!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Kim!!"

- Jen Gaudreau Young

"Choosing the Be the Medicine program is the best gift I've ever given myself!"

"I've opened to a completely new way of living my life. I've shifted from an endless "searching for the medicine” outside myself to heal my life and my work to "being the medicine" that heals my life and my work.  When I realized I had this resource within myself, I stepped into my power and possibly beyond anything I'd experienced before.

This program brought me into a new level of awareness of the role I've played in creating my reality. Coming into a new consciousness that I have the ability to create my life and my work in a way that supports and nourishes my highest self-expression and my highest vision and connecting with others through the heart.  This is living in freedom.  I love the way Kim has designed the group to take a journey of growth and expansion together."

- Ann Etheridge, Visual Artist

"The live group format, online videos & one on one sessions create a synergistic effect in which expansion occurs."

"When I began the Be The Medicine program I was excited as if I was going to adult Disney World. Kim explained that it is an experiential process, so I decided to "commit vs. dabble" in the program. How could I not?
BTM provided the tools to navigate a life threatening situation with our son. Kim showed me how to empower myself by meeting the traumatic life events and being present and curious so as to impact my beliefs and feelings. This affected how I showed up moment to moment. This directly aided in our son’s recovery and strengthened my marriage. Didn’t see that coming. BTM offers an opportunity for exploration into "Be"-ing vs "Do"-ing. Coming from a space of love vs fear. Trusting in my own wisdom day after day after day, created a strength and conviction that generates peace, joy and abundance in our lives now. The live group format, online videos & one on one sessions create a synergistic effect in which expansion occurs. If you are called, answer your calling."

- Stephani Pheffer

"As I continue to receive, I'm finding that my clients are receiving more as well."

"I had an amazing session last week with a client, and it was effortless! My clients' lives and relationships are changing with ease, and two of my clients are committing to more frequent sessions.

I also had an opportunity to publish a short account of an EFT session in a forthcoming book about EFT. I submitted the story at just the right time, and it was just what the author was seeking.

I've been watching the Section 1 videos again this week, and I have received inspiration for my (forthcoming) website with ease and grace.

My eyes filled with tears of gratitude. It is a joy to receive from YOU and others here, and from the programs you've created and shared with us."

-Laurie Heyl

"It was a phenomenal experience! This program brought me into my knowing more fully. Even if my business closed down this program would still be so worth it because of the personal shifts I experience."
"If you are a practitioner or if you just want to assist humanity, I would highly recommend this program"
"I went from being depleted in my work to knowing it can be fluid! It's more of an experience than a program, it's next level!"
"I feel more ease and the way I work with my clients is different."
"My work environment, relationships, wealth and health have all improved!"
ENROLLMENT CLOSES promptly on SEPTEMBER 5th at 12 noon MT

Don't wait to join.
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Awaken Yourself & Others

Here's what you will receive:


  • 4 months of LIVE group calls 2x a month for integration. Calls will be: 10am MT/12n EST and run for 1.5- 2 hours on the following dates: September 12th, 26th, October 10th, 24th November 7th, 21st,  December 5th, 19th
  • Be the Medicine Online Course
  • Private Online Community 
  • Lifetime access to the training
  • BONUS Awaken Your Business Online Program

(or 4 payments of $1700)

TIER 2: (in addition to TIER 1)

  • (2) Private 1:1 Sessions with Dr. Kim (1 hour)
  • Personal evaluation of your business, website, programs. (30 mins)
  • Recorded Half day Entrepreneur Workshop

(or 4 payments of $3100)

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